Diet desperation and Rama-Dumdum!

Although it is way too late in the year for lent and we are a couple of months past Ramadan, this week the husband, the baby and myself have all been giving up stuff! Myself and the husband have both been on diets, which for me means giving up chocolate, biscuits, chocolate-biscuits, snacking, finishing off the baby’s food, cakes, muffins and generally all the foods that I like the eat on a daily, sometimes hourly basis!

This diet has been LONG overdue and has been brought on after I had a good sort out of my wardrobe and I realised that there was only ONE pair of jeans that I could fit into … and they were not even mine! Having cruised through the summer wearing shorts and loose-fitting clothing, I can no longer keep kidding myself that “I have not gained that much weight” or “I have only just had a baby”! So 14 months and 7 kilo’s later I have woken up to the fact that my muffin tops have actually been caused by chocolate muffins and I really must stop eating them! As well as the above mentioned items, I have also decided to cut out carbs in the evenings. This week my nightly meals have consisted of grilled chicken with lots of vegetables and I am hoping that the bathroom scales appreciate the sacrifices I have been making and are accordingly nice to me on Monday (weigh in day). To be honest I have found it surprisingly easy not to eat carbs after dark, I know that it has only been 3 days but pasta and potatoes are the last thing from my mind … it is the chocolate deprivation that is killing me! This morning, I was cleaning out one of my kitchen drawers and I found a half eaten bar of Milka Hazelnut that had slipped through the junk purge and was currently hiding in a far corner of the drawer. The chocolate was rapidly confiscated by the husband, who very inconveniently for me was standing directly behind me when I found my forgotten “treasure”.  My Milka is now languishing in the bottom of the bin surrounded by dirty nappies and dog hair from the hoover but unbelievably this has not put me off the thought of liberating it from the bin and stuffing it in my mouth faster that you can say “Hairy chocolate”. I am staying strong for now and remembering my mantra of “The only person I am cheating is myself, The only person I am cheating is myself” … maybe it is time to empty the bin!

Never one to be left out, the baby has also been included in the week of deprivation and is currently under going dummy cold turkey, or the phase that I like to call “Rama-Dumdum”. She is now not allowed a dummy during daylight hours (with a small exception of her afternoon nap … that nap time is precious to me) and all 8 dummy’s are restricted to her bedroom. Part of the reason for Rama-Dumdum was that I realised that her speech was becoming seriously affected by the fact that she always had a dummy in her mouth and when I say seriously affected, she was not making any effort to create sounds but was quite happy just to make sucking and slurping noises expecting me to interpret what she wanted by the amount of drool hanging from her dummy! But all credit to her, she has done amazingly well and has not seemed to miss her dum-dum at all. The added surprise bonus has been that when bedtime rolls around and I announce that “It’s time for bed and your dummy’s are waiting for you in your cot,” upon hearing this she  runs to the baby gate,  practically high jumping any obstacles in her way, and starts shaking and pulling at the gate in her haste to get to her forbidden love. She is also more than happy to stay in bed for a good half an hour after she has woken up, getting a little bit more time of dummy love before cruel old Mummy wrestles it from her mouth again! Let’s hope that is now the end of constantly seeing a dummy in her mouth!

Hopefully the next time I blog I will be a few more kilo’s lighter and have lost a few dummy’s as well!

Have a great weekend everyone,

Mallorca Mum on the run!



5 thoughts on “Diet desperation and Rama-Dumdum!

  1. Great post honey, I can picture you all now and the look on your face regarding the hairy chocolate! hehe you can do it. Well done to Little Miss too, I know how much she loves those dumdums. Have a great weekend darling. ax

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